Selling a Home Tips & Advice

Representing a Seller, Patti Guerrero will provide you with an honest evaluation of your home. Patti targets her advertising to a 'specific' type of market to attract a 'specific' type of buyer, so that YOU, the seller realize the maximum price for your property in the market today. Patti's marketing strategy is direct and effective.

Compiled with the strength of the Century 21 name, your Real Estate Professional can make or break your decision to productively market your property. When you make the decision to sell your property, you place your trust in the name and integrity of both Professionals. Patti Guerrero's name and reputation is synonymous with integrity.

Patti is a strong negotiator and keeps your interests her priority. You will become an informed consumer, which will allow you to make decisive real estate choices. Patti will assist you in all the complexities and keep you informed along every step of the way.

Some Great Seller Advice:

Curb appeal and competitive pricing is key. Your home is an emotional part of your being. However, for whatever reason you are now selling your ‘home’. When marketing your home and conversing with other friends, family, real estate professionals, your home is now referred to a ‘house’. Your house is now a marketable commodity and you must look at that commodity with different eyes. Removing emotion from this equation is difficult but necessary. Remember, you will have educated buyers, real estate professionals and appraisers looking at your property to evaluate the assets of that marketable commodity and comparing value with other like properties.

The Exterior:

Look at the exterior first for establishing that ‘finished, curb appeal sparkle’.
You want prospects to be encouraged to view the inside. Manicure your landscaping, freshen up your walls & facia. What condition is your roof? Tidy up the back yard. Ensure the front door entrance is attractive, clean & polished. Make the entry look ‘inviting’.   Make sure there are no obstacles, debris, lifting walkways, tree branches obstructing the front entrance. Make certain the door locks operate smoothly & properly. This is the first impression! Make it a pleasant one!

The Interior: 

Front foyer should sparkle! Ensure your interior paint is fresh & clean (nothing like a new coat of paint). Carpet should be clean, odor & stain-free. Other hard surface flooring such as tile or wood should be in good repair and hazard free. Windows, cabinetry, doors should all be in good operation and free of squeaks.   All plumbing should be in good operation. Toilets should flush easily, all sinks, faucets, tub & showers should be sparkling clean.

Put a buyer’s hat on when looking at your home as a commodity. Start from the curb and walk to your home as if you were a buyer seeing it for the first time.   Make a list of the items you see and make those corrections. Your real estate professional has a trained eye to inform you what important issues need to be addressed. Trust your real estate professional's expertise.

The service you receive from Patti will exceed your expectations. Service is the hallmark of her success. Keep your home clutter free, show ready and priced competitively. Together, to focus our team efforts on achieving your specific goals - getting your home sold at the best possible price!